Our Values

Ladybird has defined a strong Quality, Safety, Security and Environment policy,
to meet with customer expectations

  • Strict respect of regulation, to fully comply with safety and security standards (cleaning, clean & search services)
  • Definition of standard processes, to guarantee a continuous quality level
  • Risk evaluation program and emergency response plan, to anticipate on possible incidents
  • and limit the consequences, with support of Butterfly Aero Training and Avico Group experts

  • Staff training, including safety & human factors awareness, security (clean & search),
  • cleaning processes and customer service

  • Close follow-up and management of the teams on the field, and experience feed-back, via customer survey,
  • quality inspections and audits

  • Environment continuous consideration


Ladybid quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified. 

Cost control is the other fundamental of Ladybird.